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ACT and SAT practice test: It matters

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Students aspiring to get admission in their favorite college or university have to work really hard to score well in ACT/SAT. These are two different tests and require hard work. The preparations should begin from the junior year of high school. Taking regular ACT practice test is what many students believe that helps in high scores. Let’s know a little more about ACT and SAT.

Importance of ACT

ACT or American College Testing is the standardized test that is important for students aspiring to take admission in undergraduate schools based in the US and Canada. ACT exam evaluates students for skills in mathematics, scientific, verbal and written.

The ACT score is used by colleges to determine admissions and the score matters for students for one more reason: the score gets incorporated into the college’s annual ACT statics. Many top universities, acknowledged for excellence, are known for high ACT scores of the students they take.


SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test gets the same status as ACT. It’s a reasoning test that is important for getting admissions to universities in the USA and across the globe for undergraduate courses. It includes reading, writing (language) math (calculator and without calculator) and essay.

Both the tests should be taken quite seriously from the junior years only. It’s better to take regular practice tests than just preparing for the test through books.

ACT and SAT practice tests have been known to bring the best out of students and score well in the real tests.

Take practice tests for ACT and SAT with the best tutors at Pinnacle-Xplore and get a competitive edge. Taking the practice test has many advantages:

· Evaluates the student

· Students become familiar to the test and the format

· They are at ease while actually solving the test paper

· They can analyze their standing from time to time

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