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SAT Prep: Factors That Have a Direct Influence on the Preparation Time

SAT is a tough exam and preparation time varies for every student, depending on various factors which will be talked about later on. The preparation time for beginners will definitely be more than a student who already has a grip over all subjects.

If you think about various facets of preparations like “how to start SAT preparation” you will have come across solutions like creating a study plan, study schedule, and other things. However, every student has a different need and potential which can impact their preparation.

The SAT preparation time gives crucial insights about your learning potential, pace, and abilities, as well as tips and strategies to succeed. Practice papers are also an important part of this phase.

Factors which have a major impact on SAT prep time:

Students preparing for the SAT have to consider various factors that can impact their SAT preparation time.

These factors include:

Selected university

It is to be noted that every university and college has its own SAT cutoff marks. They all have their own SAT minimum requirements. In that light, if your preferred university offers a higher cutoff, you need to work harder and require more preparation time for that score.

Your skills

If you talk about one of the most important factors determining the SAT preparation time, it is your knowledge of subjects. You should analyze your skills and knowledge before taking the test to actually understand how much time you need for the preparation. Practice tests can help in evaluating your skills so that you can create your study plan accordingly.

Time and consistency

Time means how much time you can devote to SAT preparations daily. The more time you can devote the lesser the preparation time. Apart from that, the consistency you maintain with your schedule can also help determine the prep time.

Scholarship requirements

Look, cutoffs may be different for admission at universities or colleges, but the SAT cutoff for scholarships is quite high. If you are aiming to earn a scholarship, you need to work harder and score higher than the average SAT cutoff. The score can be an important factor in determining your SAT preparation time.

Apart from that, if you are doing self-study, you may need more preparation time than someone who has a tutor to back their efforts. A tutor has a major impact on SAT prep time as they are always there to offer instant help when needed and to motivate you to work hard in the right direction, creating a positive impact on your score.

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