Pinnacle Xplore FAQ

How do I register for my first free class?

Please call +1 404-382-0300 or email

Why online tutoring?

The digital age provides a platform to learn conveniently with high-quality one-on-one tutors across the globe. 

What equipment is required?

A computer with internet access.

How many hours of tutoring is recommended per week?

Our experience suggests children need at least two hours of tutoring per week.

Do you offer ACT/SAT® Prep?

Yes, both ACT and SAT® test prep are offered. 

Are you flexible with the date and time of tutoring?

Yes, we are flexible with providing tutoring services including weekends. 

Will I get the same tutor for all my classes?

Yes, we assign you a tutor based on your needs and schedule. In some unavoidable situations, your assigned tutor may not be available, where we will then assign you with an equally skilled tutor.

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