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What Should Be The Ultimate Goal Of Education?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

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Students and parents are mostly heard talking about good grades, scores, etc. Are only grades and scores important? Do they decide the success of a student?

While not many people may be interested in answering these questions, such questions often cross the thoughts of students. Students study hard, actually remember the texts in their books and write the same thing to pass their academic exams. Even with good grades, they struggle later in their careers.

It’s high time that the primary objective of students should be analyzed and evaluated. For years, people have been learning and teaching, because they have become accustomed to living in such a system. Any change is beyond the scope. Fortunately, great things are happening and gradually students are coming forward to ask why they do what they are doing in classrooms?

Many paradigms of the education system are going through meaningful transformations. So, even before a student starts searching for ‘tutoring centers near methey prefer to ask themselves why they are looking for it.

Students are growing curious to know what the ultimate goal of education is. In this world, where information is just around the corner, education shouldn’t only be to inform. A few crucial things that students, as well as teachers, feel, should be incorporated into the goal of education:

  • To impart knowledge and skills to prepare students for the real world.

  • To produce learners, who can think deeply and solve problems.

  • To create an authentic learning environment, where students can apply their learned skills and knowledge to solve real-world challenges and come up with meaningful solutions.

  • To prepare them for a competitive world after school, or the professional world.

In short, education must prepare students not just for academics, but life afterward.

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