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Online Tutoring: A Reflection

online tutoring

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us important life lessons. While it has taught us how uncertain life can be, it has also made us realize the importance of technology. A series of lockdowns has prompted the use of digital platforms for business and other things, education included.

We all have realized that internet-based learning or online tutoring is the future of education. Traditional classroom learning has taken a back seat now, and education modernized with technology is a booming sector now. It’s safe and productive too.

Online tutoring

Your child uses the computer for tutoring through one-on-one video conferencing with a human tutor. Things are the same, but a little advanced with better use of technological developments.

The pros


Let’s face it, online tutoring has been a savior during this pandemic. Even during the lockdowns, education could be continued just because of online classes: for academics as well as private tutoring. No traveling, no heavy bags, or anything else. The tutor can teach from the comforts of home and the learner can get through their subjects amidst the same convenience.

Emergency situations

What if you come across suddenly that your child is unprepared for an upcoming test, or if he/she has missed his regular sessions? An online tutor might save the day. Pinnacle-Xplore, an online tutoring center, has students from various disciplines seek last-minute help for various subjects, including math. You don’t need to rush to the school or teacher (which may not be possible in every scenario) for help.

Private tutoring

Online private tutoring is the best thing for students who require special attention and help with academics. As a student can learn in private, they can ask their questions without hesitation that they can’t do in a traditional classroom. Students can learn at their own pace.

At Pinnacle-Xplore, we believe in providing custom learning solutions to ensure the complete development of the child.


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