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Global reach means Learning English or vice versa

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Learning English is not just an academic thing that your child must do for good grades. The language has its own advantages that make it one of the most important and widely spoken languages across the world. Acquiring skills in English prepares your kid to be part of a global conversation. Encouraging your child to hone their skills in English beyond academics will prepare them for the future. Supplement their learning with private English tutors who are language experts to acquire profound skills.

Meanwhile, let’s know why English holds so much prominence:

Dominating academics

World’s top universities in the global rankings are English-speaking, and it says it all.

Many of the world’s top colleges and universities in the United States and United Kingdom ask for a B2 level of English. With an online English tutor, your child can assess and enhance speaking, writing, listening and reading skills to become eligible to get admission in one of the most prestigious colleges.

Business language

Digitization has opened opportunities for businesses to go global. Learning English means better employment opportunities in the US and UK along with businesses in other countries. Even in countries where English is not an official language, English holds prominence.

It has emerged as a common language in many countries, which is prompting international businesses to look out for competent English speakers.

Language of the online world

Anything that is meant for the global audience is written in English. Internet has over half of the most visited web pages in English, certifying its dominance in the online world.

Reading, writing and speaking skills in English allows you to enjoy a wonderful communication with people across the world using social media and other apps. English is essential for online entertainment as well.

Let your child unlock opportunities and overcome language barriers with English and reading tutors at Pinnacle Xplore.



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