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Coding: Provides Computer Skills and Beyond That

Computer science is not just a special stream but a part of every education. In today’s world, coding forms an extended part of digital life. Whether it’s about sales reports photos from space or gaming, coding is used everywhere.

Not just professionals are striving to advance their skills; kids are also introduced to the world of coding, which is nothing but a language that people use to communicate with their computers.

Why should you learn to code?

With the increasing prominence of computers, coding is not treated as a specialty skill. Rather, it is considered more mainstream. It is a core specialty that is being used in almost every industry, demanding more and more skilled workers every year.


Learning to code is all about learning a different language that can be used to give instructions to a computer. A coder writes instructions in a language that people speak that is translated into binary language (0s and 1s) that computers understand.

Coding not only requires learning the language that computers understand but also several other skills. It requires problem-solving, analysis skills, and logical thinking as well. When you learn to code and apply your skills, your team skills and interpersonal skills also come into play. This is because coding projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative.

Above all, it is open to all and everyone can learn to code.

Advantages of learning to code:

Career opportunities

Computer is the future – whether you talk about Artificial Intelligence or Robotics, coding is everywhere. Even the smartphone and other gadgets you use require coding skills. So, it means that coding is a part of everyday life. In that light, the demand for coding experts will increase rapidly.

Various programming languages to choose from

Several programming languages exist, which are used to create software applications, operating systems, games, mobile applications, websites, and more. You can learn one or more, depending on your interest and project requirements.

Advantages that go beyond computers:

Learning to code has several other advantages too, which are beyond adding the required technical skills.

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Fun to learn

  • Improves academic performance

  • Builds confidence

  • Promotes creativity and critical thinking

Coding offers an immensely versatile career as skilled workers are held in high regard. These skills increase employability and make an employee more valuable. You can expect immense growth in your professional and personal life as well. Of course, compensation is also lucrative in this field.

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