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Coding Is For All: Good for All Ages

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Initially coding was only associated with computer professionals. Things have changed nowadays with coding being introduced to kids at school. Many parents feel skeptical about teaching coding to their kids. Is coding good for kids in any sense? Before answering this question, let’s understand a little more about coding.

What is coding?

It’s all about writing instructions for a computer to follow to achieve a desired goal. Coding is done using a programming language such as Java, C++, and many others. Coders can use the programming language to translate their ideas into a language that the computer can understand. These instructions are known as commands.

Coding isn’t just for computers, but also for applications that run on mobile phones, tablets, and programs for wearable or smart devices, and everything else that makes for AI and digital. Hence, coding is everywhere.

When kids are taught to code, they are actually trained to understand the language that computers use. As the use of computers and applications has increased, it has become crucial to understand what coding is. Coding tutors like a C++ tutor or other programming language experts can help kids get along codes and the process of coding.

Why coding?

Coding is not restricted to techies only. There are several compelling reasons for kids to learn coding. Coding provides skills that apply across different areas. It allows students to engage in problem-solving and computational thinking.

Not everyone will grow up to be a computer professional, but those skills of creative thinking, systematic reasoning and collaborative working are certain things that they can use no matter what profession they choose.

The right age to begin?

The early the better! Java tutors and other coding experts at Pinnacle-Xplore reveal that students as young as 5 years can start coding and exploring the world of computers. It’s a skill that can be taught at small ages.



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