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Teaching Math Has Changed Over the Years

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Math is everywhere, in everyday life, and people use it without even realizing. However, it is one of the most daunting subjects that can give students a nightmare. Various studies have shown that the kind of information sent to students about math (by their parents or friends or peers) can impact their performance in the subject. Parent’s own math anxiety is one thing that directly impacts a child’s math performance. Therefore, a child should always be encouraged to take interest in math.

Parents and teachers should always affirm that math is exciting. It is like any other subject that can be learned with hard work. That being said, recent pandemic has also impacted students’ performance in the subject. School closure has a significant impact on their understanding of mathematical language. In fact, some students even struggle to visualize and communicate ideas in oral forms, in not just math but other subjects as well.

This lack of math awareness has compelled parents to find a good math tutor for their children. In past few years, there has been a significant rise in the search for math tutors. Even math tutors have realized the gap in academics and hence they have changed their teaching strategy.

Tutors are more aware about ‘thinking mathematically’. They not only talk about solutions, but also explore mistakes. Teaching math has come a long way from agitating over whether kids could memorize certain predefined formulas.

The way tutors approach math now has changed. It’s not only about giving kids an algorithm or formula. They are not starting by telling kids how to do something, and then ask them to do it. They start with open-ended questions, in a way, that students can genuinely grapple with.

Online math tutors deliver customized lessons (based on a child’s learning abilities) with a wider discussion about math. It’s all about allowing time to a child for logical thinking.


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