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How can you help your child learn English?

Updated: May 22, 2022

English tutors

English has become one of the most popular foreign languages or one can say it’s the official language in many countries. Considering the popularity and the increasing use of the language, kids must develop a liking and understanding of it from an early age. While traditional learning has taken a back seat due to the Coronavirus pandemic, parents and English tutors are doing their bit to help children learn English at home.

The role of an English tutor in teaching the fundamentals of the language is crucial. Parents too can encourage and help children learn English. Various activities they can try to keep kids engaged and interested.

What sort of activities?

First, some tips to get started:

  • Regular practice is the best thing to learn a language. Try a little and often to help kids succeed.

  • Short and engaging activities of duration 3-10 minutes for kids below 12 years of age are enough. But, if the child enjoys being on their own, allowing them to control the activity time would keep them hooked to learning.

Here are some activities that can be tried with kids at home:

  • Adding English into a normal routine is a great idea. Many opportunities come to practice English in real situations.

  • Use clothes vocabulary when getting dressed.

  • Using food and drink vocabulary when cooking or eating can help.

  • Try something fun in your break time while using appropriate English words. Enjoy English TV shows, play a game in English or sing and dance to an English song.

  • Toy vocabulary can help

Instead of trying to copy schools, parents can include smaller activities in their routine to help kids enjoy a superlative learning experience along with their English Tutor.

Apart from that, the best English tutors at Pinnacle-Xplore are here to make the language more interesting.



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