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When all that matters is: SAT

Updated: May 7, 2021

SAT practice test

SAT has been designed in a way to evaluate a student in three different areas: reading, writing, and math. Various colleges use SAT to test an applicant’s eligibility for admission. As expected, better scores mean better chances of getting admission to their dream college.

With the pressure to do well in SAT, students often find themselves struggling with anxiety and stress. Out of this stress, they end up creating errors even in the SAT practice test. Students aspiring to take admission in a reputed college must first work to stay calm and prepare well for the test. At Pinnacle-Xplore, we believe that more than SAT, the pressure of scoring good in the test makes students crazy.

Students need to understand the format well, stay determined, and prepare wholeheartedly for the 5 sections of the test: reading, writing and language, math (no calculator), math (calculator), and essay (optional). While some schools may require students to complete the essay, others may not. Being on the safer side, students should also take this section equally seriously.

What should be the strategy to tackle SAT?

SAT becomes easier with a few techniques and strategies, briefed below:

  • Reading the instructions carefully before beginning

  • Understanding the question before answering

  • Keeping track of the time

  • Attempting easy sections/questions first

  • Eliminating wrong answers

  • Being neat while writing

  • Using test booklet

  • Should select just one correct answer

  • Considering the guess-work as it’s allowed now, so skipping an answer may not be a good option

Our SAT experts suggest that regular practice and determination are essential to score fairly well in SAT. If students feel the need for help, they must approach top SAT tutors to understand the format well and take an SAT practice test. We offer academic and moral support to students to help them do well in SAT exam.



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