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What do students expect from their English Tutor?

English is a universally accepted language which enhances its value. It is important both academically and professionally. If you are planning to learn English, there are certain things that you expect from your tutor.

What do students actually expect?

In general and simple terms, they expect that you should be an expert. This is what students think of their English teacher. In fact, this is the reason behind them looking for private English tutors.

A native speaker or someone proficient in speaking English is termed as an expert by students. After all, in their perceptions, you are the one who will know the process involved in making their English better and that will make them more confident.

An important thing that every English teacher should know is that students expect their teacher to understand their level of English, and that they lack skills in communicating. Students don’t want to feel stupid or embarrassed while speaking in front of their teacher. And an English teacher should channel these qualities through their attitude and behavior.

A traditional classroom may not be enriching for every student and hence they look for a private English tutor who can offer them better learning outcomes through private sessions. At the end of the course, students also expect that the time and money they have spent are well worth it.

When a tutor starts a class, the student expects that the teacher will include all four areas of the language – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. While it is the choice of the tutor how much time they will spend on each area, in general students will want to learn each of these areas.

As a student you can also expect the tutor to provide informative, nicely presented materials that can be easily reviewed later.

At Pinnacle Xplore, English tutors are subject experts who deliver lessons to improve all areas while keeping students encouraged and engaged throughout sessions.



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