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Teaching And Learning Math Has Changed

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

People are often heard saying that they know someone who is a “math person” and there are others who are “non-math” people. This is no more than a myth.

This type of thinking is not seen as uncommon. In schools and at home, there’s a general mindset that some people are born to be mathematician while others are simply non-math people. This is not true, but can be called a fair way to cope with one’s incompetency.

Math is everywhere, in everyday life, and everyone can be a great mathematician.

Nowadays, teaching math has changed. Math tutors are more competent than ever and believe in following a different model of teaching than that existed a few decades back. They believe in changing the perceptions around math, particularly the one that says that there are math-people. Anyone can learn math and develop pathways to understanding the numbers and calculations, irrespective of their negative math experiences in the past.

Nowadays, math is being taught by a pictorial, abstract model, because tutors follow instructional practices. Students don’t have to memorize the age old formulas, but they can concretely visualize the concept to learn it in a better way and retain the information.

The demand for mathematics and mathematicians has increased in today’s tech-savvy world with a significant rise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related fields. Hands-on practices and engaging math programs leveraging multiple intelligence such as visual, logical, tactile, etc. make math programs more interesting.

Need to change the home environment

In order to overcome the math-phobia, students should be provided the right kind of environment at home. Affirm the children of following:

· Math is all around us and is interesting

· It’s like any other subject and can be learned with hard work

At Pinnacle-Xplore, online math tutors make the subject fun and interesting through hands-on practices.



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