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Should Your Child Get Online Tutoring or Study on Their Own for the SATs?

Updated: May 7, 2021

A good SAT score can pave the way for your child to get into their dream college. While other aspects of the admission procedure are also crucial in ensuring their success, students must do well in their ACTs and SATs. Whether you think your children can prepare for the critical tests on their own or not, getting them help in the form of an online tutor can improve their chances of scoring well drastically.

Let’s look at how students fare when they work with a tutor vs. when they study on their own:

A student solving an SAT problem

Tutors can make personalized study plans

Getting a more realistic idea of where your kid’s SAT preparation stands can help them focus on their weaker areas. A professional tutor who has several years of experience preparing hundreds of students for SATs can provide the POV that can benefit your kids.

Their personalized study plans can help your kid manage their time well while ensuring that they aren’t getting overburdened and doing their best to achieve a good score. Ask your child to take a diagnostic test and share the results with the tutor so that they can come up with an effective study plan.

Tutors can provide motivation

While studying on their own, students may find it challenging to feel motivated every single day. The chances are that they might procrastinate and study for SATs only days before the test, running their chances of scoring well. Working with a tutor can change that.

When you hire a personal tutor, the responsibility falls on their shoulders to keep the students on track. Weekly tests, daily assignments, and other forms of engagement can help you and the tutor track your child’s progress and ensure they’re working consistently.

An online tutor helping a student prepare for SATs

Tutors can cater to your child’s academic needs

Sure, the internet is full of videos that can help your kids learn SAT tricks. However, when students are confounded with a challenging problem, they may become frustrated and even discouraged from appearing for the test. Hiring a personal tutor who can readily provide solutions to difficult problems, answer questions, and make your kid’s life easier can be a blessing for your child’s mental health.

Remember, studying for SATs can be a stressful experience for kids. And as their parent, you should do everything to ensure that their anxiety is minimized. Getting help from a professional tutor can help you do just that.

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