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Scratch: It’s about coding for kids

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As the world of coding is changing with demands from across various industries, parents are keen to introduce their kids to coding at an early age. Scratch has gained immense popularity in recent times for providing the essential 21st century skills to kids while improving their academic performance. Learning Scratch programming with a professional tutor is associated with many benefits.

Scratch is a visual programming language that can be used to create different projects such as interactive stories, animations, games, and several others. The programs are made of graphical colored blocks which can be snapped together to create programs. These blocks seem more like puzzle pieces and can only be snapped in meaningful ways. Thus, kids can only make valid combinations.

In this way by making combinations, kids can learn proper programming syntax and understand ways to assemble and formulate programming logic.

Kids between 8 to 16 years of age benefit from Scratch programming as it proves to be an excellent way to come across computer technology. Coding for kids has many benefits ranging from better learning capabilities to opportunities to create and express.

Learning Scratch from a professional tutor at Pinnacle Xplore can offer many advantages:


Scratch is primarily for kids to foster creativity among them with easy to create programs. Apart from creating their own designs, kids can also use predefined backgrounds to create interactive stories.

Problem solving

Learning elements that encourages creativity also supports constructionist approach to learning. This is great to foster problem-solving. As kids learn Scratch programming with a tutor, they develop programmatic thinking.

Fun way to learn

With Scratch, kids can bring their creative imagination to life. They can create games, animations and other interactive programs, which is quite fun. This makes Scratch a fun program to learn.

With a professional tutor, kids can learn coding with Scratch and gain interest in programming languages.



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