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MCAT and DAT Prep: Key Things to Know

Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, is an important test for students who are seeking medical school admissions in the United States and Canada. The test is a multiple-choice, computer-based standardized exam that determines the eligibility of a student to med schools.

MCAT is administered by test maker Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to evaluate applicants for med schools. Med school admission committees consider MCAT scores as well as academic records and supporting materials to assess preparedness for a medical career.

It goes without saying that a high MCAT score has the direct impact on a student’s med school application. Therefore, students need to prepare well for this exam.

But, what should the MCAT Prep include?

MCAT measures content knowledge in Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biology, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology, as well as the student’s critical analysis and reasoning skills. So, students need to be prepared well in these areas.

Clearly, MCAT requires more than just an understanding of the content, but the application of learnt skills. Great MCAT scores require the skills to interpret and solve complex problems.

Different sections of MCAT:

· Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

· Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

· Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

· Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)

DAT – Dental Admission Test

The test is used by every dental school in the United States to evaluate potential candidates.

Students taking MCAT and DAT need to prepare well for the exam for a high score that will ensure their admission to their dream school.

Online MCAT and DAT Prep are high in demand these days for providing great course and the best tutors who can match the learner’s learning style. Learning with an online DAT and MCAT tutor at Pinnacle Xplore can help understand concepts, overcome learning challenges, and gain test confidence.



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