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Is the future of standardized testing unstable?

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

In 2020, an important announcement came from the University of California. The authorities waived SAT and ACT score requirements for student eligibility. That being said, it was not completely moved out of the process as the scores would still be considered for students who wished to take the test. The announcement was made in the light that the university wanted to phase the tests out temporarily, only till 2024 and come forth with a new standardized test instead.

While it was welcomed by a lot of students, many still had/have their apprehensions. The prominence of SAT and ACT practice tests is widely known, and it is especially important for scholarship selections for students seeking admissions in prestigious universities.

Additionally, the test score is also an indicator of academic strength and their potential to perform well in future courses. So, what prompted this change? The university has made it clear that the decision has been made to reward underprivileged students who come from less-privileged backgrounds. This standardized testing system seems unfair to them. The change is a step towards creating a more inclusive educational policy.

So what does it mean? An end to standardized testing? Never.

Even the University of California is reluctant to do away with SAT/ACT scores entirely. The test, if not used for admissions, could help with other evaluations processes such as English-language or subject-specific proficiency.

The bottom line is that students must continue preparing for SAT/ACT tests. Whether or not these tests will be used for admissions, ACT or SAT practice test will help students become habituated to other test taking practices. It will always be used a metric to prove a student’s potential.

Students must go ahead and do their test preparations with a disciplined mindset to prove their potential. At Pinnacle-Xplore, our online tutors understand that it’s an important skill for all students.



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