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Digital SAT: The change in format everyone should know

Many students dream of studying abroad in prestigious universities in countries like the US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. However, to ensure admissions in these countries, aspiring students need to show test scores of SAT or ACT.

International students dreaming of admission in prestigious universities of global recognition have to appear in ACT (American College Testing) and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). The test scores are evaluated at the time of admission. So, it has an immense impact on the career and future of a student.

What’s the change?

The number of students taking SAT every year has increased, consequently the load of assessing the pencil-paper SAT tests has also increased. Therefore, the new Digital SAT has emerged. The digital SAT evaluation is efficient and less time-consuming, but the scoring range remains the same.

The New SAT or Digital SAT has officially conducted its first test for international students in India on March 11, 2023. The exam will be conducted online. Students can take it through their laptop or Ipad with an internet connection, but at an authorized SAT test center. As the test has become shorter, evaluation has quickened. It takes just a couple of days rather than weeks to reveal score reports.

Key points:


The digital SAT is computer adaptive, and customized to one’s performance. Better performance in the first section means trickier questions for the second, and of course, more points.

Shorter test

The new version has shorter reading passages and more direct questions. The test will be closer to two hours.

Use of calculator

It has changed slightly. The “no calculator” portion of test will be removed. There will be built in graphic calculator for students.

Computers can be provided

While students can bring their own computers, they don’t need to worry if they don’t have any laptop or tablet. It will be provided at the test center.

Let’s practice for the Digital SAT with Pinnacle Xplore.



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