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Covid Impact on Students

A child attending an online class at home

The covid pandemic has brought a massive shift to our lives in several ways. When it comes to education, students have been suffering its consequences in a lot of ways. From online classes to a lack of social life, the sudden changes in the education system have taken a toll on students’ learning abilities and overall productivity.

Covid Impact on Students

Here is the list of ways the covid pandemic has impacted students:

Online Exams

Many students are accustomed to writing paper-based exams. With the implementation of online exams by educational institutions, several students are finding it difficult to maintain good grades. Consequently, the change in grading criteria has affected their performance, leading to a lack of academic achievements.

Online Lectures

Studying within the comfort of home is not ideal for every student. A lot of students prefer studying in a classroom, which helps them grasp the concepts better. When a teacher conducts an online class, many students struggle to stay attentive due to an unstable internet connection, distractions at home, or poor sound quality. Therefore, online lectures can hinder their learning experience, leading to stress and frustration.

Assignments and Quizzes

The concept of studying independently is new to many students as they are familiar with combined studies in a collaborative learning space. Due to the restrictions imposed by lockdown, several students are struggling to submit assignments on time without seeking help from their peers. Similarly, many students are facing trouble in preparing for online quizzes as they are unable to understand lectures in virtual classrooms.

Counseling Hours

Since the mode of studies has shifted to online lectures, many teachers are unable to provide counseling after class. As a result, students are having a tough time learning from their mistakes in assignments, leading to poor grades and overall performance.

On-campus Jobs

The closure of campuses due to the covid pandemic has negatively impacted the lifestyles of many students. Many students are unable to work on their progress, and are struggling to carry out their academic and extracurricular activities as well.

However, with time, things will fall into their place and the situation will become better for students to study in a happy learning environment on campus.



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