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Coding for kids : the future of learning

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As the reach of technology has widened, computer programming or coding has become an essential ability. Not a thing reserved for computer nerds, coding or computer programming has become a key component in many curriculum as well. It is even being introduced to kids as young as five years old.

What does it mean to introduce kids to coding at such a young age?

Basic coding courses in schools are meant to introduce students to computer programming languages used to develop websites, apps and computer software.

Skills like mobile development, website development and user interface design are high in demand, which is expected to increase in coming years. Considering the importance of computers, smart devices and artificial intelligence, schools have started offering coding classes.

Even the STEM initiatives have coding as an important component. Some schools have even made coding classes mandatory in schools. The purpose of introducing coding to school students is that it covers skills which can even help those students who are not interested in computer programming. It provides them a better understanding of modern technology and its impact on the world.

Learning how to code is like learning the language of machine so that instructions can be given to machine about what to do. In process of learning to code, students acquire problem-solving skills and develop computational thinking. Coding provides essential skills which include breaking down larger problems into smaller steps in a logical way, diagnosing errors and detecting new approaches of solving.

Educators believe that coding for kids can prepare them for future, like finding the best solution for the problems and ways to implement them. Students are given challenge to solve them in groups and learn from various sources. It helps them develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they learn by themselves and in collaboration with peers.

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