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Coding for kids: It’s the future of kids

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers on rise, there’s a huge demand of professionals in this field. This trend has an impact on today’s education system and curriculum as well. Therefore, kids are being introduced to technology and computers at a very early age. In fact, they are learning to code just the way they learn to solve math problems. Even parents realize that coding for kids should start early in schools.

Coding: just another language

Coding is nothing, but a language to talk to computers. Coding allows using a language to give instructions to computers in order to perform specific functions. There are many known languages that computers use, these are called programming languages and used to write programs to create interesting things such as computer software, apps, websites, video games, and a lot more.

Coding and computer languages work across a wide range of platforms such as laptop, mobile phones, all AI enabled devices, smart watches, and all smart devices. The count is actually rising day by day. In that light, careers around coding or computer programming are constantly rising.

The benefits of introducing kids to coding at an early age:

· Coding gives them a competitive advantage

· Coding brings the creativity out of kids

· Coding allows kids to develop a better understanding of problems and prompts them to find a solution

· Coding is fun while also preparing them to take challenges

· Coding is high in demand and prepares them for future

In fact, there can be many more reasons to learn coding. In today’s world full of high-tech things, having an understanding of computer languages ensures better understanding of the world.

Pinnacle-Xplore tries to bring out the best in students with special programs around coding for kids. From introductory to advance learning, our tutors teach at all levels.



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