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Coding For Kids: A Big Yes, Times Have Changed

coding for kids

Initially like an impossible journey for kids, coding in recent times has become an integral part of studies for kids. It’s nothing like a rocket-science, but just another language (used by computers though) that students can learn gradually from an early age.

Kids can be like a blank slate, which can be a scary roadblock, which can be a major cause of confusions. This is why asking a kid whether they would want to picture themselves coding an app can actually stun them. However, when prepared from an early age, they can actually get accustomed to the world of computers and learn their language to discover their interest in them.

Learning coding is quite like learning a new task, which may seem impossible in the beginning, but not when you take necessary steps, in the right order. It’s also true for learning coding.

It’s a wonderful learning opportunity for kids who want to get involved with codes, or a language used to communicate with computers. In today’s world, its intended to be fun and game oriented to keep young minds engaged. It may also be referred to as programming or computer programming.

With various common terms making it sound complex, coding for kids may be difficult to imagine. However, things have changed for good in recent times. Thanks to various summer camps and workshops, online coding tutors, and kids-friendly coding classes, coding has become a reality for kids.

Don’t think of coding as the typical computer science that kids might instinctively avoid. Think of it as a language that is used to communicate with computers, and what can be used to build and run apps, games, and more.

It can happen via different languages, such as: Java Script, Python, C++, and many more.

Getting your kid to code

It should never happen like a giant step. Just let them move in one direction – forward, slowly and gradually. It should be a small step for now, and there can be a number of resources to assist. With each step, you will notice progress in your child.

There are a few things to consider:

  • Why to learn coding?

  • Best coding languages to choose from

  • Coding resources

  • Realistic coding journey

And, there could be others.

Coding is good for kids as it can help with their overall growth and development. It enhances their creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and other skills.



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