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An Important Guide for ACT and SAT Preparations

As all academic things are back on track and stable, standardized college admission tests are happening again in full-fledge. The SAT and ACT tests are scheduled in more places to have attention of foreign students who are working hard for university admissions


The latest updates about SAT and ACT say that some renowned colleges have still kept the test optional, while some are test blind (means they are not considering the scores in the admissions process). Despite that ACT and SAT hold importance because even if a college is not considering test scores, it may be using it as an alternative method of fulfilling eligibility for a course placement after enrollment.

To take or not to take?

It depends on the choice of college (where scores will not be considered), and if a student is sure that they will get admission. For most international and other students, they should continue with their ACT and SAT Prep.

Taking the test has its own importance. The test gives colleges more information about the applicant and improves the likelihood of admission in the college of choice.


Many students prepare for both as these two tests share many similarities: each offers four sections, and lasts approximately three hours. Both tests feature a Grammar section (English on the ACT) and Writing and Language on the SAT; a Reading section, and a Math section. The ACT has a Science section too. A few changes have been introduced in test rules and formats lately.

The ACT is fast-paced, while SAT is more about mental calculations. Students can go for SAT or ACT prep or both depending on their interest.

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