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3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

A programmer running a code

If you are passionate about software development, you can learn new programming languages to improve your skillset. However, while discovering a programming language to learn, it is best to understand which programming language suits your needs and goals.

Whether you are looking for the most straightforward programming language to learn as a hobby or the most in-demand programming language to achieve your career goals, this article will help you evaluate which programming language is perfect for you.

Programming Languages to Learn in 2022


Java is considered one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. It's simple and convenient to learn at home. Also, learning Java will help you land your dream job with a high salary. Once you have a strong command of the concepts of Java, you can use your coding skills to learn other programming skills, such as the C language. However, if you find it difficult to understand its syntax, you can enroll yourself in a coding class online.


Ruby is a scripting language used in web development as a basis for the Ruby on Rails web application framework. It is an all-purpose language; hence, it allows you to develop desktop and mobile applications and interactive games. It is excellent for beginners as it is considered one of the friendliest among user communities. Moreover, its syntax is straightforward to learn for beginners.


Python is an excellent choice for those looking for a user-friendly language to learn. With a clear syntax that resembles words in English, you can implement Python in various use cases. For example, it has several libraries such as TensorFlow, OpenCV, and PyTorch for machine learning and image processing. Similarly, it includes packages such as SciPy and NumPy for use in scientific computing, engineering, and mathematics.

You can utilize your spare time by learning the abovementioned programming languages this year. It will help you strengthen your skillset and to one of the highest-paid careers across the world. Check out Pinnacle Xplore to find online resources to learn new programming languages at home.



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