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The Fear about Organic Chemistry

organic chemistry tutor

Though chemistry as a whole has a dreadful impact on students, many just have a nightmare when it comes to organic chemistry. One of the many reasons why many students have a difficult time with organic chemistry is that it is a highly demanding subject. Struggling with a large number of nomenclatures, reactions, and molecular theories, students find it hard to cope with it. Students even feel that they haven’t encountered a subject like this and become frustrated as they proceed with chapters. This is when they start looking for an organic chemistry tutor who can make their lives a little easier.

While biology can be mastered with continuous reading and memorization, understanding concepts can enhance the knowledge further. General chemistry and physics require students to grasp concepts and learn how to apply a formula in just the right way. They contain a lot of math and general formula that students must be aware of. These subjects have a clear study process that organic chemistry doesn’t have.

Organic chemistry is different. It doesn’t require students to memorize a certain predefined formula and spit the information back. It requires students to think because it doesn’t have a set of steps to follow. Unfortunately, many students are not accustomed to it. They simply expect to have a formula, work it out, and done.

With organic chemistry, there’s a need to: understand, think and apply. Students must be able to understand some basic rules like why electrons attract the way they do, why a double bond is attached to a particular molecule, among other things.

At Pinnacle-Xplore, organic chemistry tutors are well-versed with the subject and present basic information to make the subject easy to understand. As the subject is different, tutors follow a different approach to make learning fun through interactive sessions.



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